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We recently suffered an unfortunate rain/ storm related water leak in an upstairs room which led to damage in three upstairs rooms, the downstairs dining room and our garage.  While this was going to be difficult to deal with, our insurance referred our claim to SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.  Our team, led by Project Manager Gilbert, along with Marcos and Albert, was absolutely wonderful.  Not only did the team quickly perform the necessary demolition, but they were neat and very, very pleasant.  

If I ever had a question, they were right there with an answer.  If I needed to change their plans to accommodate my schedule, they did everything to help me.

Most importantly, they calmed my nerves after the disaster.  

If you ever have an unfortunate accident requiring emergency repairs, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.

I discovered a mold problem in my HVAC air return and my landlord said to use SERVPRO to do the remediation. This involved not just the remediation, but also completely replacing the furnace, ducting and attic insulation. And it had to be done in a highly compressed five days, with SERVPRO and the contractor working together in a choreographed fashion. It was important for each to do their part at the right time so the other could continue the project. SERVPRO  did an absolutely fantastic job, and were extremely thorough and professional. I would use (hopefully won't need to!) or recommend them without hesitation. They were also excellent about keeping up communication as the project progressed, so I always knew what was happening.

The other day during the SA winds a tree branch ( large one) broke off, penetrated the roof and ending up in the kitchen damaging some prized coffee mugs we collected over the years.
My insurance company hired SERVPRO to come out to fix and stabilize the situation...
Well they did a fine job. They cut the tree up, cleaned the inside of the kitchen and the outside of the house ( "like it never happened" lol ) . I was impressed by there speed, efficiency and just for being nice guys during my time of crisis.

Thanks again!

Jim Larsen, Homeowner

Everyone, all your crew, were very professional and seemingly knowledgeable about the process.

A little while ago, I discovered a mold problem underneath my kitchen sink and behind my refrigerator.  I know that mold can be dangerous, so I decided to call for some professional help.  I called SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills and was impressed by how much knowledge Edgar had about the best ways to eliminate our problem so I hired him.  

At first, I was nervous about this problem in my home but Edgar was very communicative during the entire job.  He made me feel very secure, knowing that he had so much experience dealing with mold.  

It actually took a couple days to completely solve the problem and he made sure to leave the area clean every day.

I'm the manager of a hotel in Norwalk and recently we had a flood in our kitchen which flowed into an adjoining banquet room and left about 4" of standing water in there.  

Luckily, Our insurance company referred us to SERVPRO in Anaheim Hills and that's how we met their Project Manager, Jonathan.  From the initial conversation we had with their customer service team, through the estimating process Jonathan and the great crew that was brought in to handle the project, I was very impressed with their customer service.

I'd definitely refer this company to anyone who needs help like this.

When mold was detected in my business, I knew I needed to hire somebody I could trust to effectively deal with the problem; one and done.

I reached out to SERVPRO in Anaheim Hills and was very pleased with the results.

They were super kind and courteous while they worked.  I would definitely use them again.

We have a screened-in, covered porch that we added onto our home a number of years ago and we keep a gas barbecue on it.  A few weeks ago, we experienced a fire on it and once it was out saw we'd need some restoration work done.

Acting on a referral from a friend, I called SERVPRO in Anaheim Hills and we were very happy with the work they did for us.

They have great professionalism, communication and work ethics.  Give these professionals a raise!

Late last Christmas season, our home had a fire when our tree dried out and a faulty string of lights led to a spark and a fire.

Afterwards, we called on SERVPRO Anaheim Hills for the restoration work and they did a marvelous job.

Gilbert was the project manager on our home and we were very impressed with his level of professionalism, communication and work ethics.

We are extremely pleased with the service.  All the workers were very courteous and helpful.

Fast, friendly and reliable service. Edgar and his team were really helpful when our home was damaged in the storms last January. You’ve got our business for life – although we hope we don’t have to go through this again!

I didn’t think companies like this still existed!  Imagine a company where everyone is honest, dependable, hard working, compassionate and personable.  It’s unheard of any more!  Thank you for being there for me and my family when we needed you, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills!  You’ve got our loyalty for life – and our recommendations to everyone we know!

Jonathan at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills is a real pro.  When I called in for an inspecition and quote after some storm damage earlier this year, his dispatcher sent Jonathan out to meet with my husband and I and look at the damage we’d sustained.  A fair quote and a very detailed work plan convinced us to hire this company and the same day (and this really impressed us) a work crew was attending to the restorations we desperately needed.  Since it was still rainy season, they worked to get the roof tarped, managed a pack-out of our furniture and other valuables, and since our home was built pre-1980, they arranged for asbestos and lead testing. I never thought of that and I'm glad they did because we did have asbestos. Jonathan with SERVPRO coordinated all the needed work and kept my family safe during the process. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills

I absolutely love a little rain.  God knows we need it in this arid region!  But when multiple inches poured down on my house one night, I learned quickly that its location at the bottom of a hill wasn't a great idea. Your team helped me get operations back up and running in record time, Thanks.

We have never had service that was so punctual. THANK YOU! Fantastic Communication, Punctuality, Courtesy. We are so grateful for the fast efficient, friendly service.

I own a hotel in Orange, CA.  We had a fire there recently and the restoration team we hired to help delivered on what they said they’d do for us and went beyond the call of duty.  Their Project Manager came to do his inspection and write his quote the same day this limited fire happened.  On approval of the quote, the crew came in to start the actual work.  They were faster than I’d imagined was possible and that saved us money and anxiety and allowed us to regain full operational control in a very short period of time.  I owe our rapid turn around to the professionalism this team displayed!

Kudos to Maria,, Edgar, Jonathan, and Sobe for their excellent work.  You guys know what you did for us.  I’m in your debt!  I could not offer a stronger, or more sincere referral. 

Thank you again.

We had a fire started in the den when my young adult son feel asleep smoking a cigarette.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  We DID have a lot of smoke and soot damage though.  Frankly, without the SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills team there to help us, I’m not sure how we’d have gotten through it.  From the office girls who took our initial call, to the crew who came out to clean up, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills was beyond helpful in a really rough situation.  I can’t thank  you guys enough!

Our company recently had a big sewage back-up situation.  You could say we were really in ‘deep shit’ (to use a pun).  We had extensive flood damage and a category three problem that penetrated walls and carpeting alike.  Thank God we were in the hands of the miracle workers at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.  Their patience with our questions, hardworking crew members, and excellent project management by Edgar Arcila made a real difference.  You guys are amazing!

The entire SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills crew was friendly and prompt.  They completed our office fire damage repairs better than we thought was possible.  If I never have to deal with an office fire again, it’ll be too soon.  If I do though, let’s hope the SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills crew is who I get to work with! 

Thank you, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills  for getting the repairs done so quickly to my water damaged book store. The automatic sprinkler system I installed in case of fires unexpectedly malfunctioned and when I opened up the next morning, I had a complete wreck to deal with.  Thank God for my insurance policy since so much inventory was ruined (water and paper – bad combination) not to mention the walls and carpet.  I expected the restoration process to cost a lot more and take longer than it did.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

A word to the wise for anyone in small business here in Orange County:  Need restoration services?  Call these guys!

I own several rental properties.  Recently, a tenant of mine called me early in the morning as he was getting ready for work.  A broken water shut-off valve was flooding water into one of my condo units.  By the time I got there, I was ankle deep in water.  The carpets had been drenched, the padding was not salvageable.  I immediately called SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills out to help since they were closest to this condo.

I was really impressed by the people I met.  From the time I called Sobe in the call center, to meeting Jonathan, the Project Manager that came out to do the inspection and write the quote, everybody was quick to respond, really well trained, and I could tell they were all really interested in helping me out.  I had a ton of questions, and everybody took the time to make sure I fully understood what was happening and it made me feel like things were under control. Good work, SERVPRO!

We’ve been putting off getting a new roof for our home and for the last couple years, we’ve had a few leaks coming into the house from the not-so-great condition our roof is in.  Recently, a couple of our family members have been having some allergy problems and for a while I’ve been smelling something like musty laundry in the house.  A trip to our pediatrician revealed we might have a mold problem. 

Anyway,  a friend of mine told me about SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills since she’d had them out to help with a mold problem of her own.  Jonathan Arcila, the Project Manager, came out and did an inspection.  I showed him a few stains on our walls, in the girls’ room, and on the dining room ceiling and he used a thing that measured moisture behind the wall and ceiling.  It turned out I had black mold growing on the other side of the drywall. 

Jonathan worked for a few hours to put up these ‘containments’ things so the mold wouldn’t spread and used some cleaners to clean out all the mold after he’d opened up the ceiling and wall.

A few hours afterwards, our mold nightmare was in the past.

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills is awesome!  Thanks guys!

I live in Corona, CA.  A few weeks ago, my water heater broke and flooded the laundry room, hallway, and master bedroom.  We’d just finished remodeling our home and we were so proud of how things looked so when all this happened, we were mad and frustrated.  It felt like someone had just destroyed our beautiful home!

My claims adjuster told me about the team at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills and his recommendation was so strong, they were the only guys I called.  From the time their Owner, Edgar, came out to provide the inspection and write the quote, I could tell I’d called the write company to get my family out of this jam. 

Anyone can write a nice flyer or have a fancy website.  I think the best way to judge people is when you look them in the eye and can tell they’re people you can trust.  I had that with Edgar.  Edgar called his team in the same day and they were fast,  careful with our stuff, and they got the clean-up/ dry-out done in a few hours. 

One thing that was very important to us, was the care they took in the mold clean-up part of the job.  They built these ‘containment’ things with plastic sheeting walls and a powerful air filter so the mold spores (how mold spreads) would not drift into other rooms in our house.

I noticed that Edgar’s business card says "Like it never even happened." on it.  That’s exactly how we felt after SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills had been to our place and finished their work. 

We came home from vacation to an absolute disaster.  The hot water heater in our laundry room burst while we were gone.  I couldn’t believe the amount of water that flowed out the door when we opened the house.   Most of our furniture was wrecked.  The wooden floors were shot.  So was the carpeting and carpet padding.  We had so much mold growing everywhere.  Honestly, it was one of the worst days of my life.  I know that mold can be dangerous, and it was everywhere and it smelled so bad.  Somehow, with all the water damage, it was the mold that really got to me!

I numbly went through the motions of calling the insurance company and my adjuster put me in contact with Edgar Arcila’s team at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.  Jonathan, their Project Leader helped me feel at ease almost as soon as he arrived. 

Throughout the long restoration process, SERVPRO never made me wonder if things were going to turn out ok.  Edgar, the boss there, took time out even though he’s got a number of franchise locations and a lot of work he’s doing.  He somehow always had time for me and me feel like I was #1.  These guys are kind, professional and personally committed to helping their clients get back on their feet. 

We had mold damage to our floor and wall in the master bedroom and in the hallway.  Jonathan and his team were efficient. They explained each step so we could understand what all these giant fans are doing in our home. He answered all our questions with respect and knowledge.

We were very happy with SERVPRO.  They were always prompt and professional.  Edgar was very knowledgeable about the work and did an excellent job.  I would definitely use them again.  Thank you!

We had a pretty big flood last month when the water line to our fridge burst.  We were out of town and it did a lot of damage that took 15 days to fully dry out.

Chris Trejo is the employee at SERVPRO Anaheim Hills that took care of us.  He led a really big project including tearing out baseboard, our kitchen cabinets, the carpeting that we had to throw away and even sections of our drywall.

Chris made sure we were comfortable every step of the way and the office people at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills called every day to tell us what  the next day’s plan was going to be.   The workers were all polite and courteous.  They never left any work related messes during the entire process.

I had a fire on the second story of my home recently (Anaheim).  Thank God, the AFD got to me quickly and put the fire out but there so much water.

To get things dried out, the insurance company sent me SERVPRO Anaheim Hills.

They responded very quickly.  They completely dried the upstairs and hauled away the debris. 

James Sparks is wonderful – thank you, James!

I live in Anaheim Hills and this past August,  I had a pretty sizable indoor flood when my water heater sprung a leak.  The problem was, I was out of town.  So when I got back, we found a flood across the house. A bedroom, the entry way, our hallway closet, the hallway itself, and even our living room!

I was beyond panicked but James Sparks explained that things would work out ok and told me about how the project would proceed.  I do not think I’d have been able to relax if it hadn’t been for James confidence and the way he managed the project. 

Everything is better now.  Thanks so much, James and SERVPRO Anaheim Hills.

We had a pipe busrt and the SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills team came out.  They brought in these special fans and blowers to dry us out and they demo’d some walls.  Thank God we didn’t have an asbestos problem.

They were prompt, and effective.  They kept us in the loop as they worked and cleand up well after the job.

I’d definitely recommend SERVPRO of Yorba Linda to my friends, family and neighbors.

A while back, I had a pipe burst in my master bathroom and it damaged the bathroom, our downstairs living room, the adjoining dining room, and a bathroom below the master bath.

The damage was pretty extensive and SERVPRO had to demo some walls and cabinets but they were able to save our floors.  They brought special fans and dehumidifiers in too.  They are great communicators, too.  When I would call, they were always there.  Job well done!

SERVPRO was extremely punctual, responsible, and thorough.  The field team took time to explain their work and answer questions.  The manager Felipe went the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.  Excellent experience and would highly recommend.

Waldo’s recommendation to remove the toe kicks on his follow up visit and Jonathan’s recommendation to remove the door and bathroom cabinet drawers helped to finish the drying. I was impressed with the weight extractor and use of the snail fan to dry the carpet faster without the need to discard of the padding.

The people are all terrific.

Excellent service from Cesar Arcila and the other Cesar. Thanks - Guys!

They are already almost perfect as far as expertise is concerned. I am totally happy with their performance. Thank you very much Jose for such a great job in repairing/restoring my property damage. Good luck and great time working with you.

Very professional and informative. Returned calls quickly and showed up at the time they indicated.

Jonathan, Edgar, Mary and crew took great care in mitigating smoke damage at my condo while putting up with the HOA's delays. After months of advice and consultations, they were finally able to perform the repairs and finished both on time and spotless. I have since recommended them to many of my insurance clients--and each of them were pleased with their results.

My experience with all of the staff from SERVPRO has been outstanding. Thank you!

All the guys that came here were very prompt and nice. Thanks for everything.

SERVPRO was very friendly, professional and courteous.