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Storm Damage Testimonials

We recently suffered an unfortunate rain/ storm related water leak in an upstairs room which led to damage in three upstairs rooms, the downstairs dining room and our garage.  While this was going to be difficult to deal with, our insurance referred our claim to SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.  Our team, led by Project Manager Gilbert, along with Marcos and Albert, was absolutely wonderful.  Not only did the team quickly perform the necessary demolition, but they were neat and very, very pleasant.  

If I ever had a question, they were right there with an answer.  If I needed to change their plans to accommodate my schedule, they did everything to help me.

Most importantly, they calmed my nerves after the disaster.  

If you ever have an unfortunate accident requiring emergency repairs, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.

The other day during the SA winds a tree branch ( large one) broke off, penetrated the roof and ending up in the kitchen damaging some prized coffee mugs we collected over the years.
My insurance company hired SERVPRO to come out to fix and stabilize the situation...
Well they did a fine job. They cut the tree up, cleaned the inside of the kitchen and the outside of the house ( "like it never happened" lol ) . I was impressed by there speed, efficiency and just for being nice guys during my time of crisis.

Thanks again!

Jim Larsen, Homeowner

Fast, friendly and reliable service. Edgar and his team were really helpful when our home was damaged in the storms last January. You’ve got our business for life – although we hope we don’t have to go through this again!

I didn’t think companies like this still existed!  Imagine a company where everyone is honest, dependable, hard working, compassionate and personable.  It’s unheard of any more!  Thank you for being there for me and my family when we needed you, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills!  You’ve got our loyalty for life – and our recommendations to everyone we know!

Jonathan at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills is a real pro.  When I called in for an inspecition and quote after some storm damage earlier this year, his dispatcher sent Jonathan out to meet with my husband and I and look at the damage we’d sustained.  A fair quote and a very detailed work plan convinced us to hire this company and the same day (and this really impressed us) a work crew was attending to the restorations we desperately needed.  Since it was still rainy season, they worked to get the roof tarped, managed a pack-out of our furniture and other valuables, and since our home was built pre-1980, they arranged for asbestos and lead testing. I never thought of that and I'm glad they did because we did have asbestos. Jonathan with SERVPRO coordinated all the needed work and kept my family safe during the process. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills

I absolutely love a little rain.  God knows we need it in this arid region!  But when multiple inches poured down on my house one night, I learned quickly that its location at the bottom of a hill wasn't a great idea. Your team helped me get operations back up and running in record time, Thanks.