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Commercial Testimonials

I'm the manager of a hotel in Norwalk and recently we had a flood in our kitchen which flowed into an adjoining banquet room and left about 4" of standing water in there.  

Luckily, Our insurance company referred us to SERVPRO in Anaheim Hills and that's how we met their Project Manager, Jonathan.  From the initial conversation we had with their customer service team, through the estimating process Jonathan and the great crew that was brought in to handle the project, I was very impressed with their customer service.

I'd definitely refer this company to anyone who needs help like this.

When mold was detected in my business, I knew I needed to hire somebody I could trust to effectively deal with the problem; one and done.

I reached out to SERVPRO in Anaheim Hills and was very pleased with the results.

They were super kind and courteous while they worked.  I would definitely use them again.

Our company recently had a big sewage back-up situation.  You could say we were really in ‘deep shit’ (to use a pun).  We had extensive flood damage and a category three problem that penetrated walls and carpeting alike.  Thank God we were in the hands of the miracle workers at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.  Their patience with our questions, hardworking crew members, and excellent project management by Edgar Arcila made a real difference.  You guys are amazing!

The entire SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills crew was friendly and prompt.  They completed our office fire damage repairs better than we thought was possible.  If I never have to deal with an office fire again, it’ll be too soon.  If I do though, let’s hope the SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills crew is who I get to work with! 

Thank you, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills  for getting the repairs done so quickly to my water damaged book store. The automatic sprinkler system I installed in case of fires unexpectedly malfunctioned and when I opened up the next morning, I had a complete wreck to deal with.  Thank God for my insurance policy since so much inventory was ruined (water and paper – bad combination) not to mention the walls and carpet.  I expected the restoration process to cost a lot more and take longer than it did.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

A word to the wise for anyone in small business here in Orange County:  Need restoration services?  Call these guys!

I own several rental properties.  Recently, a tenant of mine called me early in the morning as he was getting ready for work.  A broken water shut-off valve was flooding water into one of my condo units.  By the time I got there, I was ankle deep in water.  The carpets had been drenched, the padding was not salvageable.  I immediately called SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills out to help since they were closest to this condo.

I was really impressed by the people I met.  From the time I called Sobe in the call center, to meeting Jonathan, the Project Manager that came out to do the inspection and write the quote, everybody was quick to respond, really well trained, and I could tell they were all really interested in helping me out.  I had a ton of questions, and everybody took the time to make sure I fully understood what was happening and it made me feel like things were under control. Good work, SERVPRO!