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Is your bathroom a breeding ground for water damage?

4/22/2016 (Permalink)

If you’re a fan of long showers or relaxing baths, the bathroom in your home may feel like a spa without the expensive treatment cost. But if not taken care of properly, the bathroom can also become a breeding ground for mold and water damage. Taking care of your bathroom requires more than just the aesthetic touch. While new towels, a designer vanity, and new fixtures can customize your bathroom to your liking, just as important is a routine that makes sure the bathroom has the proper ventilation to not trap water and that the plumbing is maintained so it doesn’t lead to massive leaks.

Unfortunately, water damage can creep up on us. That means your bathroom may be suffering from water damage without you even knowing about it. Yet, the longer you wait to address the problem, the more serious it becomes.  Discovering water damage early will help you save money in the long run. 

Do you smell something musty after you shower? That may be a sure sign that water damage is lingering somewhere in your bathroom. There may not even be a visible sign yet, but the smell should alert you to have it checked out. There could be a few causes for this. If the smell persists even after the shower is cleaned and dry, you may have a leak behind the wall or in a hidden crack.

Is the paint on your wall or ceiling starting to crumble or crack? The drywall may be absorbing water, which makes it softer to the touch. The walls may also appear to be crooked. If you notice this on your walls in the bathroom, it’s time to call a professional like SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.

Do you notice stains on the floor of your bathroom? Hopefully your bathroom floor consists of tile or some other material that is meant to endure exposure to water. But if there is a hidden leak, you may start noticing discoloring or buckling in your floor. Once again, this is a sign that you should get a professional involved. Or does your toilet have water stains around it lately? This is another potential sign of future water damage in the bathroom.

If you notice any of these problems, your bathroom may be a breeding ground for water damage. To be proactive, make sure you always inspect your entire bathroom for these signs. If you run into any cracked tiles, make sure to take care of them right away so the water doesn’t go into the walls and start creating water damage or wood rot. Try pushing them a bit. If they give with your push, it may be a sign that water damage has already started developing. And of course, whenever you are using the bathroom, make sure to open a nearby window and turn on the exhaust fan. It’s crucial to keep humidity levels low to prevent the spread of moisture in the air.

The bathroom is a high-risk room in the home when it comes to water damage. And once water damage starts in the bathroom, there is also a risk that it will spread to other areas of the home. For example, we had a homeowner who had an upstairs bathroom flood. The water damage then overflowed into the kitchen below it. The water overhead saturated through the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and even into the flooring As a result, once we were called on to the scene, the laminate flooring and ceiling had to be repaired. SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills has worked as the water damage restoration experts for many clients just like this. We use our state-of-the-art equipment to extract the water and dry the area as quickly as possible. If you think there is a chance that your bathroom has become a breeding ground for water damage, call us today. 

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