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How SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills Helped an Orange County Home Owner with Water Damage and Mold.

2/26/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills recently received a call from a client who had inherited a home from her parents upon their death.  With the recent rains we’ve had this year, a great deal of water had gone through the roof, creating water damage on the ceilings. 

A handyman had been hired to address the damages, but without proper training, certification or experience,  he had only made the situation worse.  Compounding the difficulty, the home had been built in the 1960’s which meant that there was a high likelihood of asbestos contamination as well.

This is how we made our customer feel “Like it never even happened.”

Our first step was to order an asbestos test to confirm whether there had been contamination.  The test proved positive.  We recommended a licensed asbestos company to come and perform an asbestos abatement and,  upon a second test, determined it was safe for us to enter the property and begin the water damage restoration.  This one single recommendation to test actually saved our client over $50,000 in the long-run.

Our next step was to identify where interior moisture existed within the walls and ceilings.  We used hand held moisture meters and, based on our findings, proceeded to demo sections of walls and ceilings to expose moist studs.  This step is very important.  Moist wood is the perfect breeding ground for mold growth and mold can lead to health issues.  We then sprayed all mold affected areas with an anti-microbial spray and wiped the surfaces down, removing all mold.  Its also important to reference that we also built containments around all mold impacted work areas and applied negative air pressure (engineering controls) to prevent mold spores from drifting to other areas of the property where they could otherwise contaminate new areas of the home.  We also used special HEPA filters which scrub the air to restore air purity to EPA guidelines.

Our first priority with all customers is to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident that they are being well cared for during their emergencies.  In this case, we accomplished this by providing expert recommendations, such as the need for an asbestos test and by patiently and comprehensively addressing all our customers concerns and questions.  Additionally, our promptness in servicing the customer and our qualifications and credentials (all SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills technicians are IICRC certified) provided our customer with the assurances she needed.  SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills is the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California.  We’ve achieved this by serving our customers with integrity, personal care, expertise, promptness and genuine concern for their welfare.

Are you facing a property damage crisis?  We hope you’ll call us.  We’re available 24/7/365.  Need more information about our work?  Feel free to review any of our customer testimonials.  You can find them here.  

For the best service and results in water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, wind and storm damage restoration, look to SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills!

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills Helps a Yorba Linda Business Owner with a Mold Problem

9/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills Helps a Yorba Linda Business Owner with a Mold Problem When a home owner's plans to install a hardwood floor turned into a 'oldies but moldies' hit parade, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills got things back in tune

We do a lot of mold remediation work at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.  We’re experts in it and our reputation has been built on our knowledge and ability to achieve results.

Recently, a Yorba Linda business owner had contracted to have hardwood floors installed in his business.  When the installers arrived  and started lifting the old flooring, they discovered something they were not prepared for or equipped to resolve; a nasty black mold culture covering the concrete slab underneath the old floor.

As it worked out, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills has enjoyed a long relationship with the owners of the flooring company and, on the owner’s referral, we were invited to the job site to provide an inspection and write an estimate. 

Our project manager, Edgar, has over fifteen years of experience and his  knowledge and he was able to quickly determine the most efficient and effective way to permanently remove the black mold growth.  Upon acceptance of the estimate, the rest of the project team was dispatched to the work site.  They quickly removed any damaged areas of flooring and then used special liquid biocides to clean up the mold that had been growing underneath the original floor.  A containment system and engineering controls including HEAP air filters were used to clean the air in the affected room without allowing mold spores to travel through the air to any other parts of the commercial structure.  This thorough remediation process successfully ensured that black mold would not be a cause for any possible health issues among the company’s employees or anyone else who might visit the business in the future.

The team at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills always feels rewarded when a project goes well.  Of course, there’s a sense of pride in a job well done, and when – as in this case – the customer takes the time to write us a positive review on Yelp, there’s that additional sense of gratification. 

We have a great team here.  We enjoy helping our customers, and we enjoy working with each other.  We’re all of the same mind.  The customers’ needs come first.  We do our level-best to deliver on our promises every time.  We only do great work, and we stay at a project until the job is complete.  Our reputation in Southern California has led to our position as the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California and we’re not about to slow down now!

Learn more about our work.  Visit our testimonials page:

Need immediate assistance?  Call us at 714-776-6222.

Don’t Spread Mold: What to Do Instead

9/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Don’t Spread Mold:  What to Do Instead A highly trained and experienced SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills crew member constructs a containment in a mold contaminated room.

There’s a lot of things you want to spread around your home.  Love, laughter, good memories; all of these come to mind.  Healthy people draw the line, however, when it comes to mold.  This is one thing you definitely want to be spreading!

Here’s how to ensure you know what to do and, as importantly, what not to do in case of mold.

Do Not Disturb. 

This rule applies as much to mold as it might apply to letting Dad sleep in on Saturday morning. 

Mold can be spread if it’s disturbed.  In fact, mold actually spreads when microscopic mold spores are released into the air.  Released into the air, they can find another humid spot in close contact to wood fibers and voila – instant mold farm!

What to Do

  • If the musty, acrid stink of mold doesn’t naturally keep you away from it, keep this rule in mind: Stay Away.  You can do this most easily be avoiding affected areas. 
  • Since mold spores travel through the air, keep the HVAC system turned off and don’t operate fans. Both of these devices create air currents that can spread mold spores.
  • Call the professionals in: Contact SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills for state-of-the-art mold remediation services. 

What to Avoid

  • If you suspect mold growth on any surface (visible or otherwise) don’t blow air on it.
  • Don’t try and ‘quarterback’ this yourself. Mold remediation is highly technical.  Unless you’re trained and experienced, the chances are very good that you are going to only worsen the situation.
  • Don’t try and dry the area yourself. Again, this can actually make the situation worse.
  • Don’t spray disinfectants or bleach on the mold.

About Our Mold Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

We’re proud of the excellent work we’ve done for other customers like yourself.  See what some of these good people have said about our work; visit our Testimonials page.

How To Detect Mold Growth In Your Home or Business

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How To Detect Mold Growth In Your Home or Business In this photo, a wooden baseboard provided the cellulose mold needed to grow in a humid room in our customer's home.

There may not be too many things home or business owners can hear that will make them feel as bummed out about their home than “You have visible mold.”    The fact that the message our customer’s smart-aleck brother delivered the message by saying, “Nice biology experiment you’ve got growing there on your bathroom wall, John!” didn’t make it go down any easier.

We know our customer’s want this disgusting and potential health risk gotten rid of right away so we offer rapid removal services.  Of course, it’s better to catch mold growth yourself.  After all, who wants a smart-aleck brother offering a snide comment like that? 

As an assist to all family members everywhere, we at SERVPRO have compiled a checklist of ways to detect potential mold in their house.

About Mold

Mold grows in moist places where it can find cellulose fibers to eat.  It can be found anywhere and everywhere inside and outside the home.   It only takes 48 hours for a mold culture to start growing, so in the case of water damage, acting rapidly to proceed with restoration can actually help you avoid the necessity of mold remediation later!

Finding Mold

Just follow your nose.

You know that smell that wet laundry gets if it doesn’t get tried soon enough?  Mold smells like that.  It’s a musty, earthy, slightly sweet odor.  If your mold growth isn’t actually visible, but you still have that odd, lingering odor, it’s a good guess that mold may be involved. 

Look for these tell-tale signs

Mold comes in many colors, but we wouldn’t suggest decorating your home with it!

Common colors include green, grey, brown, white and black.  Black mold is actually most commonly found. 

Look in wet areas

Good places to check include your kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs and shower stalls.  Laundry rooms are also common places for mold to start growing.  If your home has a basement, you should check there, too.  If your basement tends to leak in the rainy season or if you notice that odd, musty smell there, it’s almost certain. 

What’s Up?

No, really.  Have you seen water spots on your ceiling?  It could mean that you have condensation or humidity issues there.  You may have trapped water above your ceiling from a recent rain that has allowed mold to grow.  Likewise, there might be a leaky pipe running through an attic that’s creating enough moisture for mold to take hold.

Follow your footsteps

Mold can also grow in the dust, debris and moisture collecting on your floor.  Carpet is a great sponge to retain water and its also terrific at trapping dust.  This creates the perfect environment for mold to start growing. 

Check your walls

Signs of paint peeling or wall staining might also indicate moisture exposure, so mold is a risk.  If you see these signs, look more closely.  Two things might be occurring.  One, the mold may be growing on the exterior surface of the wall.  Two, and worse, the mold may have begun on the interior side of the wall and spread and is now poking out the other side.  

What to Do Next

Now that you’ve discovered mold growth, the next thing to do right away is to call SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills in to start mold remediation!

We are trained and experienced in using moisture detecting sensors that will indicate whether you’ve got excessive moisture in your home.  If we detect it, our next step will be to help you call a testing lab in.  Assuming the lab test is positive, we’ll work with you to get a remediation plan in motion right away. 

To get moving on this, please give us a call at:  714-776-6222

Do you know the dangers related to mold in your home or business?

7/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Do you know the dangers related to mold in your home or business? Don't Expose Your Employees or Family to Mold Toxins! Contact SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills for immediate mold remediation.

Do you know the dangers related to mold in your Anaheim Hills home or business?  If someone in your home or work place experiencing on-going allergies, mold may be the culprit.  You are not alone.  A 1999 Mayo Clinic study showed that there are in excess of 37 million cases like this every year!

Mold is a fungus which often grows, undetected, for years.  When conditions are ‘right’, this fungus can develop natural toxins which, in certain people, can yield health conditions.  Unlike other sources of sinus infections, black mold is not seasonal.    It grows wherever the air is humid, such as bathrooms, where it can show up like mildew, growing on shower curtains or cabinets, for example.  Sometimes its invisible and airborne.

People, even family members living in the same home,  respond differently to mold.   Different allergic responses can show up.    Under certain conditions, mold can produce toxins that result in more serious symptoms too.  

Sniffing Out the Root Cause

A smell like dirt and rotting leaves coming from somewhere within your home or business is an indication that you probably have mold infestation.  A past history of flood or water damage on the premises along with the smell almost guarantees it.  Mold needs two things to grow.  Humidity and a food source.  Cotton, wicker, drywall, lumber, cardboard and even dust can all provide the cellulose-based diet that mold needs to grow. 

Is it Necessary to Identify Black Mold?

Since mold-borne symptoms can come from a number of different mold species, conclusive identification of black mold (Stachybotrys), is not really necessary.  The only way to do it is with a microscope and it’s an expensive test.   It’s better to focus energy and resources on remediation of any mold that has colonized your home or business.   We’ve discussed remediation in other blogs.  Please visit our website to get more information on this topic. 

 What to Do Next

The presence of mold in your home or business may be dangerous to your family or co-workers.  Remediation should be conducted by a trusted, trained, and certified team.  SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills has been helping families and businesses with mold remediation services for fifteen years.  We’re the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California!  Find out more about what our customers have said about our work by reading the testimonials on or website. If you suspect a mold colony in your building, don’t delay!  Call us at 714-701-0207. 

Brake the Mold! SERVPRO Anaheim Hills: Experts in Mold Remediation.

6/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Brake the Mold! SERVPRO Anaheim Hills:  Experts in Mold Remediation. Our SERVPRO Anaheim Hills field technicians are fully trained and experienced in mold remediation

SERVPRO Anaheim Hills has been serving families and businesses for over fifteen years.  We work throughout Southern California, including from Anaheim, Fullerton, and Orange in the northern end of Orange County, clear down to San Juan Capistrano at the southern end of the county and all points in-between.  Besides water damage and fire damage remediation, we also offer professional mold abatement services.

If you’ve got a leak someplace, and if it’s there long enough, chances are you’ll eventually have a mold problem, too.  The first task is to eliminate the leak, but this may be complicated since water travels along parts of a building’s structure.  The presence of water someplace does not guarantee you’ve found the leak.  Without the right training or experience, fixing leaks can be an endless source of frustration

It’s important to understand this since mold can grow wherever it’s warm and moist.   Common places for mold to grow include ductwork, attics, crawl spaces, walls and floors.  Is there a musty odor in a room?  You may have a mold problem.  Look for these tell-tale signs of a possible leak that could lead to mold growth:  Unexpected increases in your water bill, stains on walls, floors or ceilings, damaged or warped flooring, warped bottom panels in under-sink cabinets, peeling paint or wallpaper, or corrosion on plumbing valves and fittings

Mold can damage your property and can create health challenges.  The best advise is ‘Deal with it quickly.’  The bigger the affected area, the more you’re going to need the help of a professional mold abatement company like SERVPRO Anaheim Hills.   The EPA recommends calling in a professional mold abatement company – and SERVPRO Anaheim Hills has an excellent reputation in Southern California – whenever a mold affected area is larger than three feet by three feet.

Hopefully your leak detection efforts are timely, and your mold problem is still manageable.  For smaller areas, you can clean nonporous surfaces with commercial cleaning products, soap and water or a solution of a cup of bleach to each gallon of water.

Early Leak Detection Stops Mold in Its Tracks. 

  1. Inspect Your Plumbing

Be sure and check all the water lines, shut-off valves, fittings for fixtures such as sinks, tubs, toilets, clothes and dish washers, and even your ice maker.  Kinks, corrosion and cracks should

  1. Check all Your Water Fixtures

Every 6 to 12 months, inspect water lines, shut-off valves and fittings for fixtures such as sinks, toilets and tubs and for appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and ice makers. Check for cracks, loose connections, kinks and corrosion. If you find a leak, shut off the water supply leading to that particular faucet or appliance until things are repaired. 

  1. Replace Supply Hoses Regularly

Replacing the hoses on your clothes washer, dishwasher, refrigerate/ ice-maker and other fixtures every five years will reduce leaks.  You can improve on that by switching to stainless-steel mesh hoses.  Keep your washer and dryer balanced, too.  Shaking, wobbling appliances tend to pull the hoses away from the fixtures over time.

  1. Leaving the house? Be Prepared.

Be sure and shut off the water supply to the washing machine, just in case.  Likewise, never leave home with an appliance running.  If something goes wrong, you want to know about it early, not after the washing machine has fallen through the living room ceiling (oh, no!)

  1. Inspect Your Home’s Exterior – Walls, Foundation, Roof, Yard and Garden
  2. Be sure all your windows and door frames are properly caulked without cracks, or crumbles in the caulking.
  3. Have any large trees? Make sure their roots are not damaging your home’s foundation where water can seep in.  Better to lose a tree than damage  your home! 
  4. Large Roots can also obstruct pipes, creating a potential for in-door sewage back-ups.
  5. Plan your garden so that all water flows away from your home toward drains.
  6. Roof leaks typically stem from one of several causes:
  • Cracked flashing.
  • Broken shingles.
  • In homes where different planes of roof come together, typically both areas being sloped, water tends to collect in the ‘seam’ and can leak into a home if there is a leak.
  • Cracked vent booting.
  • Improperly installed skylights.
  • Clogged gutters.
  • Cracked chimney – look for wear and tear around the top of the chimney, in a mortared area called the ‘mud cap’.
  • Condensation and a strong, musty odor (mold!) in your attic.
  • Inspect your attic insulation and ventilation.

A residential mold problem may impact the health of your friends or family.  If you find yourself challenged by a section larger than three feet by three feet, be sure and call in the professionals at SERVPRO Anaheim Hills.  We are personally committed to treating every customer’s challenge as if it were our own.  You can count on us for immediate response, cleanliness, knowledge, integrity, and consistent performance at the highest standards.  Call us at 714-766-6222 or visit us online at

Water Damage Leads to Asbestos Abatement in Anaheim

3/30/2016 (Permalink)

We live in an area with a lot of older homes. Though these homes often come with vibrant histories and stories, unfortunately, they also come with older architecture and materials. With older homes, we at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills know that we have to take the health of you and your family into consideration if we have to do any removal. Asbestos is known for causing a cancer called Mesothelioma, so when we remove drywall, we have to do it safely. Fortunately, we are trained professionals and know exactly how to handle it.

An Anaheim homeowner recently contacted us after he came home one day and found that his hallway had been flooded. His first call was to his insurance agent, who told him that he should call SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills. He called us as soon as he got our number and we immediately dispatched our Project Manager, Cesar Arcila, to the home. Cesar found that the pipe under the stairs had burst and was leaking into the hallway, living room, bathroom and kitchen. He knew SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills would be the best company for the job, so he called our Crew Chief to come lead our team in the removal process.

From Cesar’s inspection, our Crew Chief knew exactly how to proceed with our team of technicians. First and foremost, we packed and stored all of the furniture in the room so none of it would be affected. From there, we knew the walls needed to be tested for asbestos. When that test came back positive, we took extra precautions in our asbestos abatement to make sure the homeowners would not be affected. We ended up removing a lot of drywall and hardwood flooring in all rooms. To finalize the project, we set up some drying equipment to make sure everything was completely safe and dry.

The homeowner was so pleased with the finished product. He told us he would definitely use our services again in the future and would refer us to his friends!

Mold Removal in Anaheim Calls for SERVPRO’s Help

10/7/2015 (Permalink)

Mold is scary. If mold is growing in your home it could be causing health effects for you and your family. If there is any water damage in your home that may have gone untreated, mold growth is a real possibility. That’s where SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills wants to help. We know how to deal with mold removal and water damage removal, so give us a call to take care of your home today.

We received a call from a homeowner living in Anaheim because they had a small pipe leak under their kitchen sink. They called their plumber out to the home to take a look at everything and he was able to fix the pipe, but in his work found mold and told the homeowner to call a professional mold removal company. He gave them the name of SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.

We received the call and sent our Project Manager, Uriel Valencia, out to the home. He performed an inspection and knew it would be a job for SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills. He called Crew Chief Waldo Roman to the home to lead our technicians in the job. 

As soon as our technicians arrived at the home, they got to work. They removed drywall and cabinet boxes, but were able to save the faces and doors of the cabinets. We then went in and worked to remove the mold. This included removing more of the drywall and some insulation and then sanding down the studs. From there, we set up air scrubbers to make sure the home was free of mold spores and safe for the homeowners.

They were so happy with our work! They felt we were very generous with our work and knew they would be safe once again to live in their home. 

Supply Line Leak Leads to Mushrooms Inside a Home

7/1/2015 (Permalink)

Mold growing in a home as a result of water damage is one thing; never good, but not always bad. A little mildew here and there can be harmful, which is why it should always be checked out by a professional, but more often than not it isn’t too dangerous. But when the mold is in vast quantities or it’s black mold, that’s a completely different story. Large quantities of mold can cause health effects. If there is ever any question, call a professional immediately. Waiting too long will only hurt you in the future.

One homeowner in Downy waited way too long to get his home checked. A supply line behind one of the toilets had broken and flooded the house. Instead of getting a professional involved, he tried to clean it himself and let it fester. The water damage eventually turned into mold damage, but not just a little—a lot. So much that mushrooms were literally growing from the carpet.

When we received the call, we knew it would be a dire situation. Our Production Manager, Jonathan Arcila, made it out to the home as soon as possible. As he went about his inspection, he found both green and black mold: green mold means fresh mold, black mold, means older mold. He called our technicians immediately.

Lead by Crew Chief Jose Melgar, the SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills team got to work. We had to remove carpet and extract water in the entire home. Not only that, but we had to wear our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as we did so, because the mold was harmful for our lungs. In addition to removing the carpet, we bagged and disposed of the mushrooms that had started growing in one of the closets. We also had to dispose of a lot of the furnishings in the home, as they had visible mold at the bottom.

Finally, we used dry ice blasting to remove the rest of the mold. Once we did that, we set up cleaning equipment to clean the air and dry the rest of the house. The homeowner was so happy with our work, as extensive as it was, because she knew her health was at risk. She promised to call us again if she had any water damage rather than trying to clean it herself!

Family Gets Sick from Mold in Home

6/15/2015 (Permalink)

Mold is no joke, and it isn’t something we take lightly at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills. We understand that improper care of water damage can lead to black mold, which is hazardous to the health of the family that lives in the affected home. On occasion, we get the case where the mold has been growing long enough that the family has already started feeling the effects of the mold.

One Anaheim home experienced this. They noticed one day that the entire family was starting to get sick, and this was different than just the everyday flu. The family was all experiencing the same symptoms (which include but are not limited to): headaches, nose bleeds, consistent fatigue, difficulty breathing, coughing, nausea, and vomiting. They knew something was wrong with the house.

They found the number for SERVPRO online and were directed to us. When we heard the homeowners were sick, we went out to the home within an hour of the call. Our Production Manager, Cesar Arcila, was the first at the site. He started testing and, sure enough, found mold under the island in the kitchen from a slab leak. He immediately started containment.

He called out the rest of the team, and they immediately got to work. First and foremost, containing the mold and preventing it from spreading is one of the most crucial steps. This also allows the family to remain living in the home, just temporarily without a kitchen. From there, we worked to remove all the mold. This included removing their travertine flooring as well as some of the walls and floors that had all been affected. From there, we used air scrubbers to make sure the air in the home was clean and safe to breathe. 

The homeowners were so pleased with the work we were able to do. They saw our concern for the family and knew we actually cared about their safety—and they certainly felt safe in the hands of SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills.