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How to Get the Best Results When Filing Commercial Property Insurance Claims

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Today’s blog shares a bit of our experience on getting the best results when filing your commercial property insurance claims.

At SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills, we work with a combination of residential and commercial property owners whose structures have been damaged.  Eventually, our customers have to file claims with their insurance carriers.  In our business, we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers feel “Like it never even happened”,  under all circumstances – including wind or storm damage, fire damage, water damage, mold damage or perhaps a combination of these events.  While your insurance policy is a contractual obligation for your carrier, there are things property owners can do to receive more timely payout.

Know Your Policy

A careful reading of your policy will help you understand what obligations your carrier actually has and what you need to do to settle the claim.  Sometimes these claims are written in ‘legalese’, which is a language lots of people have a hard time deciphering.  It’s a good iodea to talk with a licensed public insurance adjuster if you think you’ve got questions. 

Don’t Wait  - Mitigate!

You can prevent further damage to your property, and avoid further expenses, by taking quick action that arrests further damage.   Steps in this area can include

Repairing damaged windows, doors or the roof so you don’t continue to admit continued rain, animals or even vandals from doing more damage.  At the same time, you should contact your utility company and other authorities, such as the fire department to ensure it’s safe to enter your property.

Full Documentation

Since it’s your property, its also your responsibility, as the polic holder,  to assemble full proof.  This can’t be over-emphasized.   While you can’t have too much proof, too little documentation will create delays in the process. 

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills includes pack-out service in certain instances.  We have a highly detailed process we follow which includes complete photography and labeling of all items we carry out and inventory on our clients’ behalf.  We advise the same to all our clients on occasions when they choose to handle this process on their own.  Along with photography, we advise on writing detailed descriptions of all observed damage to both manipulated objects and the property itself.  You should include notes about smoke odor, soot or ash that may be present.   You’re going to need this for the Proof of Loss statement.

Your documentation should continue even after you’ve submitted your claim.  All communications with your insurance company should be done by email as much as possible.  If there are occasions when communication is by phone, you should journal these including:

  • Date
  • Person(s) you spoke with
  • Issue discussed
  • Resolution of issue/ Next steps to be taken

Competitive General Contracting Bids

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills specializes in preparing your damaged property so that licensed contractors can efficiently and effectively do their remodeling work.  Be sure and get your bids in writing, with well detailed descriptions of the work that will be done.  We also advise you to think value instead of price.  Be sure to understand the assumptions underneath the quote, including materials to be used, scope of work and detailed scope of work.  If a quote seems to good to be true, it probably is.  We’ve found that  construction shortcuts today mean higher replacement costs down the line.

Submitting the Proof of Loss Statement

The way you submit your proof of loss statement will have a major impact on how quickly your insurance claim is settled.  Take extra effort to complete the Proof of Loss accurately and thoroughly.  Insufficient information, documentation or evidence is a major cause of delayed settlement.

  • Photographs and written explanations should clearly reveal
  • What happened
  • When and where the damage occurred
  • Damaged property, inventory, equipment, personal property etc.
  • Copies of all estimates
  • Total value of losses

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills takes a very customer-focused approach to our work.  From the moment we receive your call to the moment we cart away any debris and fold our last protective tarp or floor covering your full recovery and well-being is our only concern.  This includes:

  • Thorough, efficient, effective restoration of your property
  • Minimizing your disruption
  • Maximizing your sense of peace and assurance

Need more convincing?  Review any of our testimonials from satisfied customers here.

Good Property Maintenance Habits Can Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Good Property Maintenance Habits Can Reduce the Risk of Water Damage Proper maintenance of the hardscape and landscaping around your commercial structure can help you avoid water damage.

If you’re in business, you know how important it is to make the most from every dollar spent or invested.  Your property lease or mortgage payment is definitely no exception!   Water damage is not only expensive, but the impact can live on past the event if things are not properly taken care of.

That’s why its so important to have an ally like SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills on your team.   With our fifteen years of experience, we’re highly trained and knowledgeable in all areas of restoration.  The following list provides you with an understanding of what to do to protect your structure from water damage.

Don’t let water pool around the edges of your building.  Many structures are damaged because the water eventually seeps into the foundation, through the walls and damages the structure in other ways.  Instead, water should be channeled away from the building and into drains that lead to sewers.

In the same way, keep the vegetation around your building trimmed.  Don’t allow trees to get so large that their root systems open cracks in your foundation or walls which allow water to enter.  The same goes for tree branches and vines – keep them trimmed so they don’t connect with and eventually damage your roof.  Shingles and tiles can be damaged in dry seasons from this; come winter, you may find a bad leaking problem as a result.

 Other Ways to Avoid Damage

Parking Lots

Your parking lot is a potential hazard to your building if its not well planned. 

Here’s what to Do:

Grade and plum and pave your parking lot so water flows towards centrally located drains.  Don’t let dirt, leaves and other debris collect on the drain covers or inside the drains.   Clogged drains are not much use.

Irrigation Systems

Your outdoor sprinkler system is another possible hazard to your building.  Broken stems and mis-directed sprinkler heads can cause water to pool.  This could be trouble, especially if the water pools near the exterior walls of your structure. 

A good habit to get into is regular property inspection to ensure your irrigation plan is working optimally.  Watch for ‘geysers’ that appear due to broken stems.  Look for standing water in planters or the lawn.  Consider using seasonal timing on the auto-sprinkler system.  More water is needed in certain periods, less in others and over-watering is not only bad for the vegetation, it could also be potentially hazardous to your structure.

Even with the best planning efforts, accidents and disasters still happen.  When the threat of water damage becomes an actual problem, it’s important to have a partner you can rely on.  SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills has been helping commercial and residential customers with water damage restoration for over eleven years.  Over that time, we’ve become the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California. 

You can learn more about what our clients have said about our work at

Mold in Your Commercial Structure and What to Do About It

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Mold in Your Commercial Structure and What to Do About It A containment put up at a SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills job site. Engineering controls create negative air-flow and preventing mold spores spreading.

That nagging cough and the lingering musty odor where that persistent leak has been has finally driven you to have a lab test for mold completed.  As you suspected, the test results were positive.  You’ve got mold in your commercial structure.  Now what do you do about it?

If you haven’t completed a mold remediation plan, the time has definitely arrived for you to make this a priority.  Your plan should include remediation steps, a list of the protective equipment you should have and the steps to follow in order to contain the mold spores from spreading to new areas of your building.

Scaling the Size of Your Problem

The size of your problem will determine the steps you’ll take to remediate it.  With more mold, you’ll need more engineering controls.  Engineering controls include the plastic-sheeting walls used to seal off affected areas and prevent spore migration plus the HEPA air filters used to scrub air to within EPA targets.

When mold is visible, its easier to identify how large a problem you may have.  Otherewise, there are devices, such as fiber-optic borescopes, that can be used to measure mold expanse within wall cavities.  Other tools of the trade include moisture meters, infrared thermography and temperature/ humidity meters.


Regardless of the type of mold culture you may have in your building, the same process is used to remediate mold. 

Mold can be easily cleaned from non-porous materials by using an anti-microbial biocide.  If mold is growing on anything porous – upholstery, textiles, wall insulation, carpeting etc., these materials cannot be salvaged. 

Your best bet in remediation, however, is to call in the ‘big guns’ – credentialed, experienced experts with a proven track record for successful mold remediation.  In Southern California, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills has earned highly respected reputation for quality of work and results.  We’ve been in business for 15 years and during that time, we’ve helped hundreds of commercial customers with mold remediation.  You can find out what actual customers have had to say about our work when you visit our Testimonials page;  We look forward to helping you with any mold challenges you may be experiencing!

Storm Damage? No Problem for SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills! We’ll Make You Feel “Like it never even happened.”

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Storm Damage?  No Problem for SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills!   We’ll Make You Feel “Like it never even happened.” After a recent storm, SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills provided restoration services at this office building in Costa Mesa.

Last year’s storms did a lot of damage to Southern California homes and businesses.

The latest forecast for the 2018/19 fall and winter season is projecting an El Nino year, which could mean a wet year for us – and with more rain, possibly more water damage.  Your friendly neighborhood SERVPRO team of Anaheim Hills would like to help you avoid that, or if that’s not possible, we’re here to help you put the pieces back together again!

We have a number of specific services that help business owners who have experienced structural damage following a storm.  These include:

  1. Complete analysis of the inside and outside of your building. This tells us what was damaged.
  2. A thorough and very competitive estimate. There are always different approaches to getting things done. You can rely on us to do the job right and to do it efficiently. 
  3. No delays. We know that with water damage, the longer you wait to start restoration, the more extensive the damage can become.  For one thing, that’s how mold becomes a factor.  It just takes 48-72 hours for mold to form.  Wooden floors can be ruined by water, too.  We want to get in there and start restoration ASAP so you can feel ‘Like it never even happened.’

Total restoration services include:

  • Rapid Emergency Response
  • Immediate Business Continuity Planning and Execution
  • Commercial Project Management and Trade Coordination
  • Damage Assessment and Reporting
  • Building Surveying and Estimating
  • Salvage and Debris Removal
  • Building Drying and Monitoring
  • Thermal Heat Transfer Systems for On-site Drying
  • Emergency Board-Up Service
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Water Mitigation

SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills is a leader in Orange County restoration and remediation.  Our reputation for honesty, consistency, urgency, cleanliness, integrity and knowledge have helped make us #1!  If storm-related water damage is a problem you’re dealing with, we hope you’ll give us a call!

Preventing Water Damage of Your Anaheim Hills Commercial Property

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Preventing Water Damage of Your Anaheim Hills Commercial Property Hit with water damage at your commercial property? Give the water damage restoration team at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills a call!

Water damage can occur any place that water is allowed to collect on your property, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and repairs.  By keeping an alert eye for puddles that may be forming in ceilings, roofs, balconies, along windows, sinks and toilets, a cautious property owner can avoid many of these catastrophes. 

One place to start is in the construction and maintenance of parking lots, paths, perimeter greenery, and other places where water can collect, leak into the soil and eventually damage your building’s foundation.  For instance, rather tan planting large numbers of plants directly into the ground around your building, consider using planter boxes.  When planning a parking lot, grade the land so water flows to center-placed drains and not towards your building.

Plan and conduct bi-annual inspections that include your plumbing, drain system, roof and other areas that regularly get wet.  Look for leakage and where necessary, promptly schedule repairs.

Include your HVAC system in these inspections.  Create a formal audit sheet for this.  Include the approximate install date each component was installed.  Keep careful watch over things like your water pump and compressor, since a failure in these areas can have major water damage impact. 

Create a schedule for regular maintenance of things like air filters and condensate drains.  Don’t allow dirt, algae or other elements to create blockages for the easy flow of water.   Your air coils should be inspected at least once a year.  Use a brush or vacuum to keep rust and debris from collecting around them. 

The same is true for your ductwork.  Collection of moisture or signs of rust are often a sign of a major water management issue.  As with your coils and filters, keep your ductwork free of debris. 

One other suggestion we can offer is to create, and implement a regular, systematic operations and maintenance plan.  Your plan should include due-dates for completing maintenance tasks.  Additionally, create an organized library of all your operating manuals and specifications for each piece of equipment that ties to your system.  Your ‘library’ should include:

  • Model and serial number for every piece of equipment
  • Spare parts for things that are changed out regularly, such as filters.
  • Keep a list of parts suppliers for each contact when the time comes
  • Equipment record file – keep records of installation and repair dates

We also advise you to identify respected HVAC companies and have their contact information handy. Managing an HVAC system can be complex.  Work with a company you know and trust.

Even with the best efforts, water damage is a very common occurrence.  When the need for restoration comes, you’ll be glad to have a professional, certified and proven water restoration company on your side.  SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills is the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California and has been helping commercial property owners with water damage challenges for over fifteen years.  See what our customers have said about our work by reading the testimonials on or website.  If you’re facing an immediate restoration need, don’t delay – call SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills at 714-701-0207.