Recent Before & After Photos

Copper line leaks in an Orange, CA home

A copper line floods a kitchen and living room, affecting the laminate flooring. Fortunately, due to the expertise of SERVPRO technicians, the water damaged dry... READ MORE

Residential bathroom overflow in a Santa Ana home

An upstairs bathroom overflowed, water damaging the home’s kitchen. The water coming from overhead saturated the kitchen’s ceilings, walls, subfloor and floorin... READ MORE

AC leaks in a Santa Ana bedroom

AC condensation line was clogged, creating unfortunate water damage in this Santa Ana home. The carpet, walls and doors were dried in place with effective use ... READ MORE

Pipe leak floods a Kitchen in Anaheim, CA

A leak from a pipe behind the drywall water damaged the kitchen and living room flooring and walls. A drying chamber was created in the water damaged kitchen in... READ MORE

Pipe leak in an Orange, CA garage

A pipe leak causes the swelling of the drywall in the home’s garage. The drywall was significantly water damaged and a section of the drywall in the garage had ... READ MORE

Slab leak flooded an Anaheim home

Qualified SERVPRO water damage technicians have the skills needed to extract water when responding to a home that has experienced flooding due to a burst slab l... READ MORE

Mold damaged water heater closet in Anaheim, CA

A water heater closet in Anaheim had extensive visible mold throughout the back wall. The after picture depicts a containment of the affected area in order to p... READ MORE

Mold found inside the kitchen cabinetry in Anaheim

Mold grew on the kitchen cabinetry backing and onto the walls. Mold repair specialists restored every affected area with the utmost precaution and care. SERVPRO... READ MORE

A slab leak infested an Orange, CA home with mold

The homeowner was preoccupied when she noticed water coming out from the property’s back patio sliding door.She immediately called our office to have water dam... READ MORE

A broken pipe led to mold in a Santa Ana, CA home

A broken pipe in the kitchen led to mold developing on the kitchen and family room walls. Mold experts created a critical barrier (plastic sheeting) to prevent ... READ MORE