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Copper line leaks in an Orange, CA home

A copper line floods a kitchen and living room, affecting the laminate flooring. Fortunately, due to the expertise of SERVPRO technicians, the water damaged dry... READ MORE

Residential bathroom overflow in a Santa Ana home

An upstairs bathroom overflowed, water damaging the home’s kitchen. The water coming from overhead saturated the kitchen’s ceilings, walls, subfloor and floorin... READ MORE

Mold behind drywall in Anaheim Hills home

Copper pinhole leak led to mold forming behind the hallway, linen closet, and the kitchen, family and laundry rooms. There was visible mold growth behind the ha... READ MORE

Mold along the hallway wall in an Anaheim, CA home

Mold grew behind the baseboard in an Anaheim home after the bathtub overflowed. Mold was visible behind the baseboard line along the walls of the guest room, ba... READ MORE

Mold developed after water intrusion in Orange, CA

A home in Orange quickly becomes infested with mold after the intrusion of water coming from the outside of the home. The homeowner became aware that something ... READ MORE

Mold on the bathroom floor in a Santa Ana, CA home

The homeowner noticed a leak and a large water stain in a section of the garage ceiling directly below the upstairs bathroom. A slow undiscovered leak from a p... READ MORE

Mold on a laundry room dry wall in Anaheim home

A leak coming from overhead in a laundry room led to mold growth behind the laundry room cabinetry. Mold was found along the backing and perimeter of the cabine... READ MORE

Drain pipe leak leads to mold in a home in Anaheim

After discovering visible mold along the bedroom walls, SERVPRO mold remediation technicians used a moisture meter to depict the degree of water damage in the w... READ MORE

Mold damage in an Anaheim Hills home

A homeowner called SERVPRO to remediate a mold situation in their home. The homeowner wasn’t aware of the mold being present in their home until one day he noti... READ MORE

Mold behind a kitchen sink in Anaheim Hills, CA

A homeowner in Anaheim Hills utilized SERVPRO services after finding a pipe leak under the kitchen sink. The mold damage in the kitchen cabinetry backing and th... READ MORE